About Us

About Us

Franky’s Foundation is an ICT based Non-Governmental Organization that was established to support and empower less-privileged women with hands-on ICT skills in mobile phone and laptop repair. Our empowerment program helps create employment and opportunities for women who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.


To help vulnerable and less privileged Kenyan women access jobs, as well as to close the gender gap in ICT.


To empower disadvantaged Kenyan women through volunteering and social action, supporting them and putting them into a cycle of developing their skills, talents, and interests


To enable Kenyan women to develop a career in the maintenance and repair industry and raise their living standards, since there is constant and continuous use of electronic devices across the country, hence the need for repair services

our team

Frankline Ojiambo


Vivian Owino




Founder's Story

Frankline Ojiambo is the Founder and Director of Franky’s Foundation, an award winner of the Entrepreneurship World Cup Kenya National competition 2021, winner of Stories of Change Competition 2021 from Gov junction in the UK, and a Social Founder of the Year awarded by the Tucsi Foundation of India. Mr. Ojiambo is a natural leader, a noted philanthropist, a champion of Affirmative Action, and a Kenyan entrepreneur with 8 years of experience in the ICT industry. Over the past years, he has partnered and enjoyed working with a wide variety of organizations on different projects simultaneously to its completion focusing on tackling poverty, gender inequality and the disparaging wage gap amongst women country-wide

Since the inception of Franky’s Foundation in 2019, Mr. Ojiambo has achieved notable milestones and numerous achievements which include: empowering and training 200 women in ICT hands-on skills, partnering with the ministry of ICT, innovation and youths affairs, International Rescue Committee, Jamii training institute, Musha Care Foundation and managers without borders to help women tame employment through ICT hands-on training skills and expand the Foundation outreach through key CSR programs