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Our Mission

To help vulnerable and needy kenyan women access decent work and address the gender gap in ICT.

Our Vision
To empower women by offering them with free short technical training in computer.

laptop and mobile phone repair to create employment

Our Goal

To enable women develop a career in the electronics maintenance and repair industry hence raising their living standards.

About Us

Franky's Foundation is an ICT-based organisation whose core business is the maintenance and repair of laptops, and smartphones; we are also a social enterprise who’s partnered with the Ministry of ICT & Youth affairs to empower and train disadvantaged youths and women with hands-on ICT skills free of charge, in Laptops and smartphone repairs to help create an opportunity  for self-employment and to eradicate poverty in our developing country.

The Founder


Frankline Ojiambo

Early life

Frankline Ojiambo is a Kenyan entrepreneur, the founder, and CEO of Frankys Foundation. He is Africa’s most successful young entrepreneur passionate about solving critical problems faced by women and youths while at the same time solving the global environmental issue of electronic waste. Born and raised in a humble family of six children in one of the largest slums in Kenya - Huruma Slums. His parents had to work hard to put meals on their table, therefore paying his lower primary to secondary education was a big challenge.


In the long run, he managed to join college and studied ICT as a course (information Communication technology) as he continued to do odd jobs to earn a living. Years went by, and luckily, he got employed as a Computer Engineer in a local ICT company for 4 years. He learned and gained much experience while in the firm, even though the salary was too low. In the fifth year, He resigned from the company and started an ICT firm. He believed one day he would start his own company and support the people in the community. So after two years of operation, he founded Frankys foundation to reach out to needy and vulnerable women empowering them with ICT skills in laptop and smartphone repairs to encourage self-employment. He has passed on his leadership, technical and entrepreneurial skills to them. Most of them have started repair businesses across the country, employing themselves with others, while others got employed in ICT companies as technicians. By far, these have provided a solution to joblessness, reduction in crime rate, early pregnancies, drug abuse, and electronic waste management.He has sparked a series of inspiration amongst the Kenyan women and youth through his entrepreneurial skills and his unending will to succeed even when the modern socio-economic setup is against them. Frankline is always thinking about expanding the foundation into a multi-dollar self-sustainable foundation that produces pan African businesswomen leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, especially in the technical field, a structural field ignored all through. His life has been a challenging journey, but he keeps moving. The sky is never his limit, and as he always says, the journey continues.

Our Objective

To provide adequate and appropriate skilled women in repair industry

To provide free short training opportunities for the increasing school leavers

To train women on how to troubleshoot and solve common computer, laptop and mobile phone problems.

To train women on how to repair and service computers including laptops and mobile phones so that they can become computer technicians.

To equip women with free technical skills to encourage self-employment and establishment of their own businesses.

To provide women with free training in response to the maintenance and repair needs to meet the growing market demand.

Our Services

We offer repair and maintenance services


Laptop repair

We offer a range of repairs as a result of damages or failure on all types of computers.


Smartphone repair

We offer a range of smartphone repair services as a result of damages or failure .

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Screen replacement

We offer screen replacement to phones and computers as well.


Windows & Antivirus Installation

Fresh installation for windows operating systems as well as an antivirus to protect the system.


Hard disk replacement

Replacement of hard disks that are damaged or corrupted.


Keyboard replacement

Computer keyboards fail now and then be it a few keys or total failure we offer keyboard replacement for a range of computer models.


Motherboard replacement

Motherboard failure due to power, water damage or an undetermined cause.


Charging Systems

We offer chargers for various models of laptops at reasonable prices.

Our Curriculum

Phone repair syllabus

  • Orientation
  • Smartphone repairs
  • Tools and test equipment
  • Soldering
  • Liquid damage
  • Troubleshooting

Laptop repair syllabus

  • Introduction to computer hardware
  • Basic electronics of the motherboard
  • Assembly and Dissemble
  • Fault-finding and repair solutions
  • Software solutions
  • Computer storage
Download a detailed PDF document describing our vast curriculum in both phone and laptop repair.

Our Team

Frankline Ojiambo
Vivian Owino
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Project Manager

Erick  Gitonga

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Lead trainer

Mary Kinungi

Financial Manager
Duncan Muyodi

Christine Thendi